Sera LTD

Journey to the taste...

SERA L.T.D. produces traditional pickles always attending the quality of our products and the satisfaction of our customers.
Today two generations afterwards, the company continues her ascendant course, with the same always recipe combining the quality with the technology. At the same time the creation of new factory in privately-owned installations near the regions of raw material, in the N. Efessos Pierias, gave the possibility of treatment in minimal time interval from the harvest consequently the maintenance of freshness and qualitative characteristics of vegetables ni the biggest possible degree.

The company erases her developmental course with fundamental objevtive the production of products of most excellent quality and the extension and her establishment in Greece and in the abroad with very important customers. The company has been approved for the system of analysis of dangers and critical points of control ISO 22000:2009.

However the concern for the creation of new and pure products is continuous. SERA LTD has always followed, and often anticipated, consumers' evolving tastes.
Over the year, classic pickled products like gherkins, carrots and celery have been joined by aromatic herbs in oil, pesto and sauces in jars, cans and poly-bags and all these products respect the traditional top quality that the market hase come to expect from this company.
Today, the Sera ltd range, has a breadth and depth that meets the needs of both HORECA clientele and the retail market.